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Genetic Data Distribution 1.0
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Distribution 1.0 of the Collaborative Study of the Genetics of Alcoholism (COGA) contains clinical and available DNA data for 105 families.  A description of the study can be found in the documentation file.
  • All files are available in 2 compression formats:

    Compressed files for UNIX (those with the extension .Z) must be uncompressed with the UNIX command 'uncompress'

    Compressed files for Windows (with a .zip extension) must be uncompressed with the winzip utility.

  • The primary files are:

    Distribution file (cogaped): contains basic demographic and family structure information, alcohol diagnosis, summary scores derived from personality assessments and cell repository IDs.  It is available both as a SAS file and as a text file.  The format for the text file is given in the documentation (see below).

    Documentation (in PDF format): contains, in addition to a description of the study and formats for the text version of the basic distribution file, information about the coding used in the other files mentioned below.  To view this file, the freely available Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed on your computer.

  • Other files (available as SAS files only) are:

    SSAGA file: Contains responses to the SSAGA (Semi Structured Assessment for the Genetics of Alcoholism) interview. This file is documented at the link 'SSAGA-I with variable names.'

    Diagnosis file (dx_ssaga): A database of all diagnoses derived from the SSAGA-II.  A description of the contents is available at the link 'Contents of Diagnosis file'.

    Neuropsychological file (neuropsy): Contains summary scores derived from the neuropsychiatric battery.  (See the link 'Contents of Neuropsychiatric File' for documentation.)

  • The SAS files are transport files.  After they are uncompressed, a SAS program must be run to produce files which can be read on your platform:

    libname here ' . ' ;
    filename pedfile ' ./cogaped.cport';
    filename sagafile ; ./ssaga.cport';
    filename dxfile './dx_ssaga.cport';
    filename nfile ' ./neuropsy.cport';
    filename aodfle ' ./aod.cport';
    filename vp3fle ' ./vp3.cport';
    proc cimport data=here.cogaped infile=pedfile;
    proc cimport data=here.ssaga infile=sagafile;
    proc cimport data=here.dx_ssaga infile=dxfile;
    proc cimport data=here.neuropsy infile=nfile;
    proc cimport data=here.aod infile=aodfile;
    proc cimport data=here.vp3 infiles=vp3file;

Last updated 03/13/2008